Stainless steel handle maintenance tips

2019-09-18 608

        The reason why the stainless steel handle is used is that it is not afraid of rust. Of course, if it is not maintained, it will be damaged for a long time, and the service life will be reduced. Therefore, we must understand the maintenance knowledge of some stainless steel handles and improve its life. Let's take a brief look at the little common sense about stainless steel handle maintenance:

        1. When cleaning the handle, please wipe it with a soft dry cloth. When the surface is sweaty or dusty, use a dry cloth dipped in talcum powder to wipe the appearance, and the light will be as new.



        2. Do not use acid-base (corrosive) cleaner to clean the handle, so that it can easily corrode the metal surface to cause oxidative rust and reduce the life of the handle.

        3. The final point to pay attention to is the cleaning time. It is best to clean the appearance of the stainless steel handle every week, which not only ensures the cleanliness of the stainless steel handle, but also reduces the growth and spread of bacteria caused by our touch.

Article from: aluminum handle manufacturers